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Enya have rich professional and technical personnel who inspect performance and appearance after shipping, please rest assured who are anxious to buy ukulele instruments . 
In addition, we promise that we support the delivery and after-sales support perfectly.If there is something you do not know about ukulele after delivery, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

The guide:
The ukulele is a fun instrument. Some may call the ukulele a toy, so what, toys are fun to play with! But it really isn’t a toy at all,
it’s a true instrument and you can do wonderful things with it. Also don’t make the mistake by thinking that it is an easy instrument, 
you will need to practice a lot to master it, but even when you only know the basics it is already so much fun! 
Enjoy playing it and without knowing, you will improve each and every day.
The concert ukulele at 23 inches (almost 58.4 cm).The body is bigger and the neck is longer with more room between the frets than soprano, 
thus making it a little bit easier to handle. It has — like the soprano — that typical and classic ukulele sound and is a bit louder.

Size:Concert 23″
Headstock: Slotted Guitar headstock
Neck:Mahogany BT Neck Attachment
Back&sides:HPL KOA
Fingerboard:Technology ebony ( Richlite ) 
Tuner:High end open
String:Enya String

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