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Size:Tenor Cutaway 26″
Headstock: Electric Guitar headstock
Neck:Mahogany BT Neck Attachment
Back&sides:HPL KOA
Fingerboard:Technology ebony
String:Enya String

Question:What is HPL?
Answer:HPL is the abbreviation of high-pressure laminate, a new Environment-Friendly Material which can be replaced to the normal wood for a guitar, it also reduces the pressure on natural resources with will not out of shape and not affected by weather changes advancements.
This material brings a warm and stable sound. You can take and play it wherever without worry about the ukulele will be out of shape when climate humidifies or dry.

Question:Will the cutaway ukulele comes with the free accessories?
Answer:Yes!it will come with the free Gig bag, Strings, Tuner, Strap, Capo, Picks, Polishing cloth in an accessories bag.
Believe you will be surprised with when you holding it!

Package included:
1 x ukulele
1 x Fingershaker
2 x Pick
1 x Strap
1 x Tuner
1 x Capo
1 x Polishing cloth
1 x Spare strings
1 x gig bag

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